SNOMED CT is a comprehensive clinical terminology that provides clinical content and expressivity for clinical documentation and reporting. SNOMED CT contains concepts for both human and non-human medicine and some of the covered domains are:

• Clinical findings, including disorders
• Procedures, broadly defined as including all health related activities.
• Observable entities which, when given a value, provide a specific finding or assertion about health related information.

SNOMED CT can be used in health care software applications that focus on collection of clinical data, linking to clinical knowledge bases, information retrieval, as well as data aggregation and exchange.


The SNOMED CT logical model provides the fundamental structure of SNOMED CT and specifies how the components can be managed in an implementation setting to meet a variety of primary and secondary uses.

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For diseases/disorders, SNOMED CT uses relationships between concepts to provide logical, computer readable definitions of medical concepts. There are several types of relationships described or modeled in SNOMED CT.

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